Come aboard Furisto's mission! Let's together change the culture of children's nutrition in Bulgaria by making wholesome nutrition accessible. Become our franchise partner and start your own business in your city. Find out more.



✔️ You love children and believe that they deserve the best
✔️ You have an entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance
✔️ You are open, honest and positive

✔️ You appreciate the importance of wholesome nutrition
✔️ You have organizational talent and know how to plan
✔️ Then you are the franchise partner we are looking for!

 Complete baby nutrition is an area with significant market potential. Start a successful business with our help. You don't have to have experience in business development or knowledge of a children's kitchen. All that is asked of you is the willingness to become part of the noble mission together to make wholesome nutrition available to all children. And from us you will get everything you need:

 ➜ a detailed guide to the entire process of starting, organizing and developing the business;

➜ the name and visual identity of the brand;

➜ a site with a developed order system integrated to an ERP platform;

➜ support during your successful launch and initial customer acquisition;

➜ professional care and periodic training programs;

➜ the knowledge, experience, reputation and all the privileges of a successful business concept proven over the years;

➜ special conditions for delivery of organic products.

The application process includes several stages:

 1. Filling out a contact form.

2. Sending a short questionnaire to the candidate.

3. Evaluation of cooperation possibilities after receiving the completed questionnaire.

4. Making an online video connection or phone call.

5. Conducting an interview - "face to face" meeting.

6. Evaluation of the application and decision-making by our team.

7. Signing a franchise agreement.

1. Conducting trainings regarding:

 a. Organizational activity.
b. Manufacturing activity.
c. Commercial activity and customer service standards.
d. Working with specialized software.

Note: the trainings will take place in regular trainings, as we attach great importance to the good training of our franchise partners so that they can successfully manage their Furisto children's kitchen.

3. Ensuring constant operational connectivity:

For questions, consultations and ongoing assistance in all aspects of the business through the established contact channels - online, offline or by phone.

2. Using our knowledge and experience, including:

➜ Handbook for the overall work process of organizing, starting, developing and managing the business.

➜ Standards and procedures for supply and storage of raw materials, production and packaging of products, customer service and satisfaction measurement.

➜ Assistance and support in preparing the package of documents necessary to start the business.

➜ Working customer acquisition tools, including field support.

➜ Marketing data for the specific area and list of potential customers.

4. Involvement in national and local marketing and advertising activities

5. Exchange of experience and reporting.

Become a part of Furisto's mission today!

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